Komodo IDE version 11.1 PHP single step debugging is not starting consistently, skipping breakpoints

I am trying to perform single step debugging using STEP-IN (F8), which erroneously runs to the end of the program. Single step is not initiating and the debugger does not stop on the first line of PHP code.
When I repeat the STEP-IN again by pressing F8, in many cases Komodo IDE is still not stopping on the first line of code, and is also not stopping on set breakpoints.
After the second or third or forth retry in sequence, I will get single stepping to initiate, and the Komodo IDE debugger does stop on the first line of code AND does stop on breakpoints.
This is a critical error in the debugger as I cannot count on it to stop.

Starting another thread with the same request as in a ticket and a different thread is not going ot help us figure this out @mshrage_snet_net. The only thing this will accomplish is spread needed information across disparate mediums and make diagnosing the issue harder. Please focus on the bug report:

  • Carey