Komodo IDE Sync doesn't

Hi - For the past few days, I’ve noticed sync in IDE 8.5 on Win7 x64 was just spinning in the statusbar.

On investigation, I see IDE can no longer contact the sync server. So, I clicked something like “stop syncing on this device”. Now when I try to set it up again, it says it cannot connect (screenshot below).

This may be a by-product of a blue-screen that occurred last week, but I’m not sure how to tell, or where to start.

Can anybody help point me in the right direction?



2015-02-03 11:41:53	Service.Main         INFO	Logging in user %user_id%
2015-02-03 11:41:53	Net.Resource         DEBUG	GET fail 500 https://komodo-sync.activestate.com/1.0/%user_id%/info/collections
2015-02-03 11:41:53	Service.Main         DEBUG	Exception: Login failed: error.login.reason.server No traceback available

So it’s same for me (I use Komodo IDE 9 beta).
Bug in the bugtracker.

Thanks for filing that. I’ve upped the prio and sev to highest.

  • Carey

Thank you for opening the bugtracker. Happy I’m not the only one for a change

@toddw fixed that.