Komodo IDE scrolls up on autocomplete

Komodo IDE is scrolling up every time the auto complete dialog is activated. That causes the text I am currently editing to be pushed off the bottom of the screen. I saw a couple similar issues in the forum that were resolved, but wasn’t able to get any of suggestions to work.

I tried adjusting the minimum number of lines to keep above and below the cursor setting .

xdpyinfo | grep dots
96x96 dots per inch

I’m using Komodo IDE 10.2.2 on Fedora.

Are you using any sort of display scaling?

Yes, I am using a window scaling factor of 2 on 3840 x 2160 display.

What desktop environment do you use? Gnome Shell?

Yes, Gnome Shell.

Unfortunately this is a shortcoming in the current version of Komodo. We will have this fixed in Komodo 11, but the only workaround I can offer at this time is to use Komodo at a scaling factor of 1.

My apologies.

It’s no big deal, I was just considering a purchase after a few year away. I may check back some other time.