Komodo IDE Personal for $89

Hey Devs,

We’re introducing a Komodo IDE Personal license, which is available for a limited time for $89. It’s a full IDE license, but available only to individual developers, and has some additional license restrictions.

Read [Todd’s blog post] (http://komodoide.com/blog/2014-04/komodo_personal_license/) for all the details.


A steal of an offer but not without it’s serious upgrade limitation. We can only hope this offer is embraced by the community and becomes part of the family to remove this restriction and put peoples minds at ease.


I am sympathic to Komodo IDE since years. However, since I am just a hobbyist, I never wanted to shell out so much money for a license (Komodo is not the only software, I need to purchase). For a company, this may be easy to afford, for a private user, it is not. That’s why I use Eclipse.

To see your current $89 offer made me reconsider my options, and I would be willing to go for it. However, without any upgrade path, this is not feasable. Sorry, it’s a big turn off, really. Software, that I like I stay connected to, so I usually go with all the updates, that come along.

I am very fond of you guys’ offerings, have been an ActivePython user for years and think, that you deliver serious, quality work. I would so much respect that with my dollars, but, please, leave us non-commercial developers a realistic upgrade path. I know, the world seems to decide into “programmer” and “user”, but there is just those people, who are power-users, users with more than average technical skills, who like to use them, but do not earn their living with writing software. As one of them, I feel a bit left out, by times. That’s why I would be very glad, to see you re-evaluate your offer. Seeing, how many companies try to go with “vendor lock in”, it seems to be very attractive, to have customers bound. Well, with having a special license for hobbyists, home- and power-users, along with an attractive upgrade-plan, that’d be just happening. No “lock in” (which you don’t utilize anyway), but “stay with us”. :slight_smile:


P.S. How long is the time limited offer to last?

I’ll respond here and use this as a message that we can link others to that have similar questions (as I’m getting tired of typing this out every time :p), so please pardon me for being overly expressive.

  • The only upgrades that are not covered are MAJOR upgrades, you will receive minor updates (eg. 8.x) without any additional cost
  • There is no “special” upgrade path for Komodo personal, but you could still upgrade using the enterprise upgrade path
  • By the time Komodo 9 is released there may very well be an upgrade path available for Personal licenses, we are simply stating that at this point in time there is no upgrade path.
  • The availability of the Personal license and whether or not it will have its own upgrade path is dependant on how well the license is received, thus far all I can say is that it is promising.

I have understood your points. I just have added mine. I see you are still evaluating this market. As a potential member of this market (though, I can not talk for others), I wanted to give you some feedback about my options:

As a hobbyist-coder (I do XUL, node.js, Python and XSLT stuff) I can not afford “Enterprice” licenses and upgrade paths. I don’t earn money with coding. I do it for my own pleasure. I can’t tax-deduce anything. I would be fine with a yearly subscription service around 50€. That’s currently about 68US$. I was eye-toying with Komodo IDE for years, but found it always out of my reach. This could change now and makes me very happy.

i don’t need all the features of the full Komodo IDE but i’d be glad to make a donation for using Komodo Edit.

have you folks thought about putting a Donate button on the Komode Edit page?

I don’t think that’d be legal given that we are not a charitable organization. The real donations we like to see are contributions to the project (in whatever shape or form) :slight_smile:

We do accept payments in form of beer :stuck_out_tongue:

But beer can be drink by postman!

I’m happy to say: now Komodo IDE Personal license available for $99! You can buy Upgrades and Support subscription by $39 and Manual version upgrade by $59.
Thanks Komodo developers and all who feedback to ActiveState Komodo about create a Personal license!
Read more here :wink:

Brilliant news. Since I got Komodo Edit, I loved it. The upgrade to IDE was even better, but not having my company back me on this, I was afraid I would not be able to take advantage of future upgrades. Now the support and upgrade is only $39 a year, I will definitely be taking advantage. Thank you to everyone on the Komodo team.

Wishing I had done this back in April now… (You guys said that 9 was NOT right around the corner).

I just wanted to make sure I understand this. $99 and I become a personal licensed 8.5.x user. If I also opt for $39/year auto renewing (within the 1st 30 days), I get the 9.x.x, 10.x.x, and beyond as long as I keep the $39 annual payments current.

If I invest the $99 now without adding the $39 subscription, I become an licensed 8.5 user and have access to all 8.5.X releases. (I assume there are no 8.6 planned). If you release 9.0 in February and if 9.1.1 is the product on August 7th, I can do a manual $59 upgrade at that time and lock in to the 9.1.x, but not 9.2 when it comes out? Further, if I am wanting to add a perpetual subscription at that time, it would be $87 / year from that point forward.

Did I get the above all correct? If so, I think there is no advantage to waiting for 9.0 to jump in. It will just always be $138 to get started and $39 on each yearly anniversary. Sorry for being anal. Thanks.

Right, I dont see how anything related to the personal license contradicts that?


If you add a sub later on it would be $39 + $39 once, then $39/yr from that point.

Mostly correct, except for the “adding a sub later on”. And yes I see no advantage in waiting for 9.0 to be released (especially when you add in that you can already use the dev version of 9.0).

That was in reference to “I should have invested the $89 in April and I could have been using the product since then and would be looking at a $39 charge today.” Live and learn. :>)

Thanks for confirming. I appreciate it. Just placed an order.