Komodo IDE is very SLOW (mac)

I have a macbook pro 2.26 core 2 duo with 8gb of ram and a 256gb SSD hard drive. I’m using Komodo IDE 8.5.3.

While working with komodo IDE I experience very slow response on editing files, scrolling etc. Things get worse if I open files in split view or if I open more than 2-3 files simultaneously (and have them on the top tabs). I tried disabling syntax checking but, first it didn’t helped much and secondly I can’t live without it anyway.
I don’t have any mapped network drives and I use Mavericks OS. In general my system is pretty snappy but with Komodo IDE I have many problems with its speed. I usually edit PHP/HTML files.

Is there anything I can try to improve its speed? Generally Komodo IDE is a very good IDE but the lag on its UI drops my productivity a lot.
Thank you in advance.

sotoz, I have the same hardware configuration as you and I find Komodo IDE unusable due to lag. I want very badly for Komodo to be my editor but I can’t tolerate waiting on it to respond. I write software all day long and I love what Komodo attempts with its support of scripting languages, but when it comes to actual use, it fails for me. On Windows, Komodo is wonderful. On Mac, it feels like a hack. I’m sorry to be so negative, but I have paid for every upgrade over the years and still renewed my annual membership very recently, so I feel the product has under delivered.

At least now I know I’m not alone.

Anyway, for a paid software I am very unpleased from the total experience, regarding its speed, of Komodo IDE so far. I tried the trial before but I didn’t used it for production to fully test its speed as I thought it won’t be a problem. I don’t have a windows system, nor I’m thinking to get one just for Komodo so I’m pretty much stuck right here :).

Hi guys! Could you try the Komodo 9 Pre-Release and see if that makes a difference for you? We’ve made a boatload of performance enhancements (but we’re not done yet).

Sure thing. Downloading now and will try later today and report back. Thanks!

About Pre-release (Tested on AMD Athlon 4800+ x64 (dual core), DDR2 2GB Ram, Linux Debian 8 (Jessie/Testing))
Edit 8.5:
Run time: ~4s
GUI Loading: ~2s
Open files: ~2s
IDE 8.5:
Run time: ~5s
GUI Loading: ~4s
Open files: ~3s
IDE 9.0
Run time: ~3s
GUI Loading: ~2s
Open files: ~1s.
IDE 9 is real faster than 8.5.

Yep it ought to be, @toddw has spend a LOT of time optimizing various parts of Komodo, and will likely still be making further optimizations before 9.0 final is released.

To anyone reading this - @Defman21’s numbers are his own estimates, they are not actual recordings of the given events. Stuff like file opening is generally much faster than 1s (or 3s) but ultimately your hardware will play a role here.

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I’m SPECIALLY write “~” before 1s. I think files open for 0.5-0.6s (~500-650ms). And of course this values depend of/by my HDD read speed. But anyway this values means, that IDE was faster and faster with the new update.

Right, I just wanted to reiterate that they are estimates as not everyone picks up on that.

I’m seeing a second or two or three shaved off basic operations in v9 compared to 8.5 IDE. I’m just awkwardly timing using a stopwatch and being as careful as I can and averaging several attempts of the same action. This is a welcome improvement, although the problem I have with 8.5 is that after an hour or two of use, the IDE would stall for about 10 seconds at a time. I will have to use v9 longer to see if that happens. However, great job so far.

If you “need” a stopwatch to tell the difference then it’s probably a negligible difference anyway :wink: Just start using it and see if you still notice slowdowns.

I must say it feels faster in general, but I resorted to a stopwatch because I’m known to be very susceptible to the power of suggestion :slight_smile: I once sent a drink back because it didn’t have enough alcohol. I was talking and not paying too much attention and thought the waiter had brought back a new drink. I exclaimed that this one was much better. The waiter informed me he hadn’t taken it back yet. “Embarrassed” is too mild a word for how I felt.

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Fyi Komodo 9 also gets you all the ladies.

And where my ladies? :stuck_out_tongue:

I downloaded the pre-release version of komodo 9 to test it out. I enabled again syntax checking and code intelligence and I can say that things are a little bit better now but I will keep testing it for the whole day and I will report back my experience :smile:
Where can I find the changelog/feature list for komodo 9?


Komodo 9 is not released yet, the current version is a pre-release (alpha) version, as such we do not have a comprehensive changelog / feature list, this will follow once 9.0 final is released.

That said there is a short summary of some of the changes in Todd’s blog post.

Those are changed relates specifically to addon development, I think @sotoz is asking what has changed for end-users.

The major changes thus far for Komodo 9 are described in the Komodo pre release blog post:

For individual bug fixes check in the Komodo help viewer (Help > Help) under the Release Notes > Detailed Changes or for individual changes you can check GitHub:


Just for the history, Komodo 9 (Komodo IDE, version 9.0.0-alpha1, build 86043, platform macosx) is still very slow with more than 4-5 files open. Scrolling inside a file has 1-2 seconds lag, especially at split view. Writing has 2-3 secs lag especially if komodo was not the active application. CPU consumption when being active (writing, searching, etc) on Komodo is 70-90% mostly by the process komodo-bin.

When disabling code intelligence, things are better but in general I keep having problems with speed. My macbook pro has 8GB Ram and an SSD drive. Netbeans works very fast with more than 10-15 files open.

On the other hand, the loading speed of the program is good as it opens in like 2-3 secs max.

That slowness you report seems strange - where are the opened files located (on a network driver?) and how large are these files?

Komodo should have no problem (and mine doesn’t have the slowdowns your seeing) with multiple files open (e.g. with 10-20 files opened).

Another thing to check - how much memory is Komodo using when you notice the slow down?