Komodo IDE and Edit download links broken

Hello, both the Komodo IDE and Komodo Edit download pages are currently broken. If I go here (or the Komodo Edit equivalent)…

and click on a download package like the Windows Installer MSI, I get routed briefly to a “Thank You” page via this URL…

…and then automatically to a non-Komodo products page. No installer is downloaded.

I have tried extracting the MSI URL from that longer URL but it also simply redirects to the non-Komodo products page.

The same thing happens for Komodo Edit, and Komodo Edit is actually our primary interest at the moment.

Also, can anyone provide a download link for a v11 version of Komodo Edit that Mac Big Sur users can install safely?

Hi @cky, looks like some new directs were setup that were overly inclusive. I’ve asked for that to be revert/fixed. Will report back when it’s fixed.

The issues on Big Sur will effect every single version of Komodo available. Komodo 11 wouldn’t resolve anything. Follow the workaround to use Komodo: How to Start Komodo on OSX Big Sur

@cky, ok it appears to be fixed. If the redirects still occur you can try opening the browser dev tools (usually pressing f12) and that, for some reason, causes whatever cache there is for redirects to get refreshed.

Since you asked for it, you can access any old versions of Komodo from this link:

Thank you for the quick response; confirming the links now work (though I did have to pull up the network panel in force a reload with cache disabled, as you suggested). I also appreciate the links to prior versions in case we find them handy.

Happy to help, @cky. Glad I could get it resolved quickly-ish.

  • Carey