Komodo ide 9 - loosing my setings and servers


Every now and again when starting Komodo Ide I loose my configurations and servers and I need to reconfigure everything from the beginning. It’s very frustrating really. Is there a way to prevent this?

Also I don’t have the Komodo Sync add-on and cannot sync my profile. Could you help me with this also please?

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Are you saying you loose everything, or just specific settings?

This certainly shouldn’t be happening, but we’ve heard of edge cases like this before and it’s something we are keeping in the back of our minds when working on bug fixes.

Komodo sync has been removed in Komodo 9, it will likely be re-introduced in a different form at a later date. For now you could sync your profile folder using something like Dropbox.


I loose everything, its like newly installed.

So, if I back up my profile folder when this happens again could I just copy the backed up folder over the new one in order to restore preferences and servers? How do you back up your Komodo settings and servers?

Thank you for the quick response.

You could theoretically just copy over your folder, but Komodo does perform some upgrade mechanics on your profile folder so doing that when you upgrade Komodo could lead to some unexpected results.

Komodo inherits everything from your previous version though, so I’m not sure what is happening for you. Check your profile folders and see if something is amiss? Maybe a bad permission?

Your settings and servers are stored in your profile folder, so that would be included in the “backup”.

Here is an image of my folder:

apicatalogs/ is missing, and I have a folder called obsolete-tools.

I also have a few extra files.

Could you have a look for me please?

Thank you

Unfortunately that doesnt help much, you’d have to look at the actual folder permissions. This is not something I can quickly troubleshoot with you because Windows permissions can be a bit of a hassle. To ensure you have permissions you could simply ensure that your user has the “Everything” permission set on the main profile folder.

The mere fact that you have an obsolete-tools folder means it did inherit settings though, so I dont think its permissions.

Are you sure none of your settings are preserved?

Yes, I’m very sure that no settings are preserved as I need to set them up every time this happens. I was thinking that it’s a Komodo Edit limitation, that’s why I’ve bought the IDE, but :grin:

On W7 by main folder do you mean: C:\Users<user>\AppData\Local\ActiveState\Komodo[IDE|Edit]\version , the actual version number, in my case 9.0?

Isn’t there any option to export/import the settings and servers? The free notepad ++ has it!

Like I said, you can backup your entire profile folder, this would give you all your custom settings, tools, extension, etc. Everything.

OK, I now that already, and I’m sorry to know that I will also have some unexpected results when I upgrade Komodo.

Thank you again and take care

When next you upgrade, please copy over your “pystderr.log” from your profile folder the first time you start Komodo. This file is truncated each time you start Komodo, so its very important that you copy it as soon as you have started Komodo.

If you can share this file with us there is a good chance we can figure out why your prefs are being reset.

How do you want it, as I don’t see file upload here?

Please note that the last time the problem happened it was before my last upgrade from Komodo 9.0 to 9.0.1.

If the log isnt too big you can just post it here using code tags, otherwise github gist could be an option.

The problem happens randomly, sometimes once in 2 months, sometimes 2 times in week. I’m really sorry, I like Komodo very much, I’m using it for more than 4 years, so you can imagine what happens after this problem appears. I have a personal file with instructions what I have to do.

I’ve recently reinstalled my PC, but the problem is still here, so I don’t think its a windows related.

Thank you

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Sorry, I’m new to github. Could you give me another option like email for example.

Here is the file, I hope:

Let me know if you’ve managed to opened it.

The log is only useful if its taken from the first start after you upgraded Komodo, I’m assuming this is not from the first start?

Hi, like I said the last time the problem happened it was before my last upgrade from Komodo 9.0 to 9.0.1. When I manually upgrade the problem is not happening.

I will get back to you when the problem happens again with the log file.

Thank you for all your help and have a nice weekend.

Hi, the problem just happened again.

Here is the log file:

Is it good? Do you need more info?