Komodo IDE 9 is very-very SLOW on PC


I’ve upgraded my license to Komodo 9. I like the new features, but i cant use it on my PC.

Config: i7 4790, 16GB RAM, GA-H97M-D3D, Geforce 960 2Gb video card, seasonic m12, corsair R200
I reinstalled my Windows 7 one day ago.

When i switch to other window, and i switch back to Komodo, the program freezes for 20-40 seconds. After 20-40 seconds Komodo works well until the windows is active.

Please optimize Komodo IDE better, because i have to use it to my works, but i cant.

Please try disabling Preferences > Editor > Confirmation Dialogs: Detect when networked files are changed…

  • Carey

Sorry but i have to use that function, somethimes Komodo Saves files wrong (empty files) and that function saves me from lost my whole work…

This feature works well in Komodo 8 withot freeze or something…

One more thing:
It seems freeze gone away. Can i have use this feature without freeze?

I recommend looking into using an Source Code Control tool if you’re worried about losing work. Also, Komodo saving files wrong sounds like a much more dangerous issue. Could you elaborate on that?

Turning off remote file monitoring is the work around for now until we can get to resolving the hang issue.

  • Carey

Thanks Carey!

I very would like to use git SCC, but it isnt works with remote server folder, only local.
Do you know how can i use git with remote project folder? I will be very happy :smile:

File save issue:
Somethimes (rarely) Komodo just saves empty files to the remote server. I think this issuse caused by wrong internet connection.


Git tutorials are a little out of scope but…

That can’t be right. Git works everywhere. It’s a decentralize SCC tool. You to start you should get a Github account and put your code there (get a private account if you need to hide your code). You would then access your code from Github, pulling it in to your remote folder and your local folder from the Github account.

I’d try these out:

Could you elaborate more on the saved file issue? Is this a new file? Is it an existing file that you’re simply editing?

You could try changing the protocol you’re using in the Preferences > Server settings to SFTP and see if that stops the save issue from occurring.

Also, if you’re using Komodo IDE (not Komodo Edit) you can use the Publishing tool to push local files to your remote folder.

  • Carey