Komodo IDE 9.3 - find in current document keyboard shortcut

in Komodo 9.2 I was able to find a word in a specific document by hitting ctrl+shift+f and then ctrl+d,
this shortcut is not available anymore (in 9.3).
Is there any way I could restore it?

Hi, when the caret is within a word, and you press Ctrl+D, that word is selected. When you press Ctrl+D again, the next occurrence is selected. Is this what you are looking for?

I think you must have been confused with the previous binding, as ctrl+D never needed any additional keybindings to be executed before it.

Note that the behavior of Ctrl+D did alter slightly, particularly for its initialization; the first keypress now only selects the first word, rather than the old behaviour where it would immediately select both the first and second occurrence.

Sorry for not being clear enough.
What I am talking about is in the find all popup (Ctrl+shift+F). There was a keyboard shortcut to switch between find in Files, find in Current Document (Ctrl+D), find in Selected Text (Ctrl+S) etc.
(to find in current document I pressed Ctrl+shift+F and then Ctrl+D…)
these shortcuts are not available anymore in 9.3, any suggestions?

Ahh gotcha, you can still set these bindings under Prefs > Key Bindings.

Just search for “Find in”.

Thanks for your great support system, this was really helpful!

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How can I do it on Komodo IDE 10?

Should be the same steps.