Komodo IDE 9.0.1 / OS X 10.10.3 / is slowing the Mac

Hello, I was using Komodo IDE 8.5 on the same Mac configuration an it was very quick.
After upgrading to version 9.0.1 it’s completely different, it takes about 5-10 seconds to get back to IDE from another program with Command+Tab, in general the Mac is very slow.
Today I analysed the Activity Monitor and found that there is a process Python with parent Komodo, that takes over 80% of CPU and over 4Gb of RAM. And all this while I’m using IDE for Ruby and PHP only!!!
Please advice how to disable this and to speed up the IDE.
Best Regards, Serghei

Komodo uses Python internally. What you’re seeing is the codeintel process.

There are some other threads in this forum that might offer suggestions to improving codeintel performance.

@neurobashing nailed it. I’d recommend trying to reset your code intel database. That might fix things for you. Code intel should NOT be over running your computer like that.

Thanks for getting ahold of us about this.

  • Carey

Thanks for your replies, and sorry for late feedback, this solved the problem with Python process eating memory.
But the problem “it takes about 5-10 seconds to get back to IDE from another program with Command+Tab” still persist, in the IDE there about 15 tabs opened. With version 8, there was no such problem even with higher number of tabs.
Any suggestions on this?
Thank you!

@filya Sounds like this issue https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit/issues/70

  • Carey