Komodo IDE 12.0.1 stopped following breakpoints today


Between yesterday Komodo IDE 12.0.1 build 9186p win32-x86 (on Windows 11) stopped observing breakpoints in a python3 script.

After some searching online I confirmed the problem still exists if I restart in safe mode. I’m debugging locally and have no mapping URI’s configured. I never touched the preferences or other settings between when breakpoints worked and when they didn’t. Have tried restarting the IDE and even rebooting the PC.

Grateful for any guidance…

Never mind? Just started working as mysteriously as it stopped.

Hey @randyrue, my best guess, given what you’ve already checked, is you placed a break point on a line that can’t be stopped on, ie. a breakpoint must be the entry point of some expression or an expression itself. Example:

def name(blah, # breakpoint must be here
         blah, # setting a breakpoint here will not work. 
         blah): # nor here