Komodo IDE 11 sharing configuratiosn / preferences

What’s the easiest way to share configurations and preferences between two machines running Komodo IDE 11? For example, the JetBrains software allows an export/import workflow where a single jar is generated and you can keep that on a cloud drive or in github which makes it easy to work on multiple machines and have the same IDE config.

I appreciate any suggestions.

Komodo saves its user profile here:


You could share this folder, or just subsets of it between machines. Though given the differences in paths between machines this may cause some issues, and it’s not something we normally recommend.

Thanks for the info.

I see 2 different folders under my appdata. I see a folder name “Komodo IDE” and I see one named “KomodoIDE” (space/no space). I assume I ignore the one with the space, correct?

Yes, the one with the space is for something else.