KOMODO IDE 11 PHP autocompletion

In a Windows 7 environment upgraded from Komodo Ide 10, looks like PHP autocompletion in version 11 is not working completely as expected. For e.g. re-typing a class member or function parameter variable in a different place shows this variable and it gets completed as intended, but on enter, the “$” sign has gone. Crosschecked settings against version 10, installed as “standalone” in an empty environment, started in save mode, but no success. Tnaks for any hint!


Hi, would you please post a sample of what you are describing? I don’t know enough PHP to understand what exactly you are describing. Thanks.

I guess they are talking about this issue:

Also just tested it.

function wpdocs_custom_excerpt_length( $length ) {
	return // try here to type the $length variable ;

If you would type the $length variable, after the return.
Only length is included without the $

Thanks @Defman, that looks like the issue we’re tracking.

Thanks @Defman! We follow the discussion on “Issue: PHP CodeIntel …”. For now, we have to change back to Komodo 10 :frowning: