Komodo IDE 11 Markdown Preview menu option missing?

Markdown preview doesn’t appear to be as easily accessible as it was under Komodo X. When I have a file (README.md) open by itself and no project open, the view menu only gives me the option for a browser preview.

I’ve reset my preferences, restarted Komodo. I’m not sure where to go next.

The markdown preview button is on the side toolbar, it looks like this:

In the view menu contextually would be nice, but this works. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Noted :slight_smile: Will see about adding it.

Also a nice feature to have, is when you open a markdown file the preview icon becomes the markdown file icon ( for better recognition). But I don’t know if it would be worth the effort to implement this kind of behaviour…

May i"ve missed something but i can’t find it in Komodo Edit X.2 …

I remember that i’ve the same problem with the 10.1 update , the addon was disabled, …

please add this somewhere, I also couldn’t find it without this.

I looked in:

  • tools
  • view (near split view, this would make the most sense to me next time)
  • the per-file tab itself (where the little M icon is)
  • the breadcrumb “path” at the top of each file tab

Markdown Preview is only available in Komodo IDE. It does not exist in Komodo Edit.

ok, it no longer exist in Komodo Edit 11

i can switch back to the previous version, thanks for your answer.

You could also try using the version shared here:

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Great :wink: thx for your suggestion Nathanr