Komodo IDE 11 - Full Git Support (create branches)


we are planing to use Komodo IDE in our company, because it supports ColdFusion and PHP. Wich we use here. Next software we use is Git.

maybe im not smart enough to find the options in KO 11, or they miss these options.

How could i create a new branch in the existing repository via KO 11? one of the features of git im missing.

Branching is not currently supported from Komodo.

Komodo’s SCC integration is not meant to make your terminal entirely redundant, it only handles common actions.

Hi Nathan,

thank you for the answer. Are you planing to integrate it in future updates?

i need some arguments to use Komodo instead of eclipse. :wink:

Support for creating branching is definitely something I’d like us to add. It shouldn’t be too difficult for some VCSes, but others make it quite a bit more challenging (SVN unfortunately being one of them). So while it is on our radar it’s not as straight forward as you might think.