Komodo IDE 10, SCC Git file status icons are gone

Hello all,

I’m running Komodo IDE, version 10.0.0, build 89159, platform win32-x86, Windows 10.

Git status file icons are gone. Can I get them back? I really, really want them back - I rely on the visual cues they provide. While the use of file name colors to accomplish the same thing is nice, in a way, the colors seem inconsistent across color schemes, and the colored file names are much too subtle (at least to me) to be of much use anyway.

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I can’t ++ this enough. Those icons are exceptionally useful. Even if we have to introduce them via CSS, having them back would be nice.

These icons have been replaced with colored filenames:

You can change the color of these filenames via Tools > Color Scheme Editor:

Yes, I did see that the colors were there and that they could be changed. Was there some group of people clamoring for the SCC icons to go? The point is that the icons have more meaning for me than some color. I don’t need the file-type icons that are there - they seem pointless. The filenames plainly show the type.

Suppose the file types were all hidden and we had to rely on color. Now, edit your Json file.

So the unwritten answer appears to be “No, you can’t get them back.”

Can anyone figure out a way to restore the Source Code Control file state icons to the Komodo IDE 10 UI?

Here’s the old CSS, it would need some additional tweaking for this to work in Komodo X, and we provide no support for it, but feel free to use it:

treechildren#places-files-tree-body:-moz-tree-cell-text(places_file, sccOk) {
  background-image: url('chrome://komodo/skin/images/filestatus/ok.svg');
treechildren#places-files-tree-body:-moz-tree-cell-text(places_file, sccSync) {
  background-image: url('chrome://komodo/skin/images/filestatus/sync.svg');
treechildren#places-files-tree-body:-moz-tree-cell-text(places_file, sccConflict) {
  background-image: url('chrome://komodo/skin/images/filestatus/add.svg');
treechildren#places-files-tree-body:-moz-tree-cell-text(places_file, sccAdd) {
  background-image: url('chrome://komodo/skin/images/filestatus/add.svg');
treechildren#places-files-tree-body:-moz-tree-cell-text(places_file, sccDelete) {
  background-image: url('chrome://komodo/skin/images/filestatus/delete.svg');
treechildren#places-files-tree-body:-moz-tree-cell-text(places_file, sccBranch) {
  background-image: url('chrome://komodo/skin/images/filestatus/branch.svg');
treechildren#places-files-tree-body:-moz-tree-cell-text(places_file, sccIntegrate) {
  background-image: url('chrome://komodo/skin/images/filestatus/integrate.svg');
treechildren#places-files-tree-body:-moz-tree-cell-text(places_file, sccOk, sccIntegrate) {
  background-image: url('chrome://komodo/skin/images/filestatus/integrate.svg');
treechildren#places-files-tree-body:-moz-tree-cell-text(places_file, sccSync, sccIntegrate) {
  background-image: url('chrome://komodo/skin/images/filestatus/sync.svg');
treechildren#places-files-tree-body:-moz-tree-cell-text(places_file, sccConflict, sccIntegrate) {
  background-image: url('chrome://komodo/skin/images/filestatus/conflict.svg');
treechildren#places-files-tree-body:-moz-tree-cell-text(places_file, sccEdit) {
  background-image: url('chrome://komodo/skin/images/filestatus/edit.svg');
treechildren#places-files-tree-body:-moz-tree-cell-text(places_file, sccOk, sccEdit) {
  background-image: url('chrome://komodo/skin/images/filestatus/edit.svg');
treechildren#places-files-tree-body:-moz-tree-cell-text(places_file, sccSync, sccEdit) {
  background-image: url('chrome://komodo/skin/images/filestatus/sync.svg');
treechildren#places-files-tree-body:-moz-tree-cell-text(places_file, sccConflict, sccEdit) {
  background-image: url('chrome://komodo/skin/images/filestatus/conflict.svg');

Ohh, guys, hacking CSS files in IDE for normal work this is 5+ (sarcasm).
This is exactly what I write in issue: https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit/issues/1523

Please back icons! Or make this configurable.

Colors for scc statuses very much depends on the settings of the color scheme,
these colors are poorly perceived and not informative,
these change nowhere described.

I find the new SCC status much more “simple”, because it acts like git status.

For those who prefer icons - @nathanr gave you the styles, so just use it :slight_smile:

I don’t see anything “hacky” there. Gonna make his reply as the solution though.

I am very happy for you that you feel like it, but people have different tastes.
If these icons do not like, turn them off by default, but add the option to be able to turn on it by own.

I sure, that proposed hack will stop working after 10.1 or 11, because “we provide no support for it”.

It will work unless Komodo devs will change the whole Places pane.

About “hack”, where need to place it, for get icons back?

Preferences - Color Scheme. Pick “Interface” in left top of dropdown menu and put the CSS into the right pane after these lines:

@import url("chrome://komodo/skin/global/colors.less");
@import url("resource://profile/colors.less");


But this is again, why I said… please make option for get scc icons back!
Seems as I need do this hack on every desktop (and in every theme if I change it).

I appreciate that you’re not a fan of this change, and I value your feedback. But you’re making it sound as if we’re “out to get you” while that could not be further from the truth. Of course we want everyone to love the changes we make. Sadly that just isn’t possible. We have made huge strides throughout the history of Komodo to let you, the user, define how they want to use Komodo and will continue to do so. I think you would be hard pressed to find another editor that would be so forthcoming in giving you an alternative solution like providing custom css. I don’t see any reason why this would break in the future, but yes, at the end of the day we do not support it. If however it does break in the future then I would be happy to again provide advice on how to customize the UI to fit your personal needs.

Currently I’m not alone “not a fan” of this change.
I still say “just different colors of scc status” is not intuitive.
Which color what meaning, where to learn about it, without getting into theme settings?
When I change theme - colors of statuses also (can) changed
and same colors can mean completely different in other theme.
When I do my own color scheme, I can create with these colors something strange (without realizing it).

But icons will always same whatever the theme.

P.S. Remove than icons of folders also (and make it just as bold texts).

Honestly I don’t agree that the colors are meaningless, green for added, blue for modified, red for deleted, … it’s all fairly self explanatory. You could for sure create something strange if you create your own color scheme, but that’s your prerogative.

As I said, your feedback is valued and has been noted. If more people express their desire for icons to make a comeback we will for sure look further into it. For now there are maybe 2 or 3 voices on this “issue” which if they so desire could be resolved with the css I provided.

My last “two words”…
About voices: until confronted with such problems, I did not even know about the existence of the forum. How many people currently know this forum…

About colors: green for added, why? this color is more suitable for status when file is “not modified” (I thought it was so),
And than what about this status “not modified”, which color?

And 2.5 word: in slow (remote) FS like sshfs/nfs, I frequently have the situation when file not detected as scc file, this mean not have any status. With icons I immediately see “no icon”.
How detect this with “colors”?

I think that just a foreground color (white for example) is more suitable for untouched files.

Git uses green for new files.

Ok, since I not use git, green not intuitive for me, but well…

what about difference in files between scc status “not modified” and file not in scc (not have any status)?

As I see, currently no difference, I show what I mean,
IDE9 (I see icons if file in scc and no icon if not)

in IDE10 this files visually complete not different from all other!

You can set a color for files that are under SCC.

By default it uses the same color for tracked and untracked files because the Places widget was becoming very chaotic (both with icons and with colors). The new approach is about giving you the essentials without overwhelming you with information.