Komodo ide 10 - i give up

i am not a power user of komodo. i’m not even a regular user of komodo. that said, i’ve owned a license for many years and use it from time to time. i’ve been an active state customer before there was a komodo ide. i’ve finally decided that i just can’t do it any more - i give up - i quit.

i’m an older guy. i don’t see as well as i did even 10 years ago. i don’t care for flat ui design (hard to pick things out), or for low contrast fonts (impossible to see), or for changes that add no useful functionality (really, the menu hamburger on the right that expands to the left OVER the other menu picks?).

i get that most of y’all are young and have new ideas and want to try new things. that’s great, more power to you. i wish you all the success in the world. i truly do.

i’m sorry that i upgraded to v10. $79 won’t send me to the poor house, but it was a $79 purchase that added only frustration to my workflow.

komodo used to work for me. it doesn’t any more. if there are any active state guys here, know that there’s at least one long time customer who doesn’t find value in the latest version of the tool. there are other options that work much better for me.

I’m sorry to hear that. For what it’s worth you can find a lot of options under Preferences > Appearance to customize Komodo to look more like older versions, we have added these preferences specifically for people like yourself who might prefer this. We recognize not everyone will always like the changes we make to Komodo, but I hope you also recognize that in order for a product to stay relevant change is necessary. But we do try to make the transition as comfortable as possible by providing you the power to customize Komodo to your liking.

I’m with you here, I’ve been a user of Komodo IDE since v5, but Komodo X is the worst of all. The initial spontaneous quit problem that plagued 10.0 on a Mac for ages, the general slowness, and now an intermittent hanging problem. I’m losing too much productive time.

Sadly for ActiveState I was forced to try Sublime text while the initial 10.0 problems made it unusable for production work. Although Sublime doesn’t have the more advanced features of Komodo, it’s very reliable and blindingly fast by comparison.


This crash was fixed within a month of it being introduced. The only reason you might have experienced longer is if you were using a beta of OSX.

It’s worth noting that we are significantly increasing our QA process for Komodo, we are very much dedicated to bringing you a stable product. Sadly doing so in the past has not always been as simple as you might think.

ok, perhaps I was unfair calling it “ages”, it just seemed to take a while. Komodo X does seem really sluggish though, and iStat menus generally shows it consuming around 20% CPU. Scrolling up and down is particularly laggy compared to say Sublime, it’s not relaxing to use.

I’ve been loyal to Komodo for years and have recommended it to many people in the past. I want to like it, but at the moment it’s just hard work. Losing work yesterday with the spinning beachball hang didn’t help.

We actually found the likely cause of this issue and have a tentative fix. It will be in a nightly some time tomorrow.

That’s good news, thanks

Performance fix is in latest nightly: