Komodo IDE 10 - folder/files disappears in "Places"

In Komodo IDE 10, sometimes, folders and files disappears in “Places”.

I have to restart Komodo to see the folders/files again.

I didn’t had this problem with IDE 9.

For example, I have a remote VM directory, synced to local Komodo.
In the VM, I installed a new Laravel installation.
The local Komodo doesn’t shows the new folders/files, even if I double-click the parent folder.
I have to restart Komodo, and now I see everything.

Try Right clicking the root directory > Refresh View.

If that doesn’t work try moving your root directory up one then do the same on the original root, this time it will be in the Places section with your files.

I believe this is related to a reported issue:

  • Carey

Thanks! I’ll try the root change trick.