Komodo IDE 10 code sidebar remains empty

I’ve just installed Komodo 10. When I select the code sidebar it is not showing any code/functions/variables from my Tcl files.

Is there a secret option somewhere to enable it for Tcl. I’ve restarted the IDE and code completion works fine for all the standard libraries.


  • Pascal.

Does it work when you close and reopen the file?

Also, please share the contents of your error log: Help > Troubleshooting > View Log File.

Hey Mitchell,

sorry, didn’t have time to check it out. Now the trial has expired, so it’s a bit hard to check.

  • Pascal.


Upgrading to Komodo 10.0.1 fixed the problem.

Thanks for reporting back! It is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Sadly, I’ve had the issue return in 10.0.1 build 89237 OSX

It was fixed by closing some files, exiting Komodo, and then re-opening komodo and the files.

Not sure how to reproduce it.

When you find a way to reproduce it, let us know. We’ve got a couple of potentially related issues on our bug tracker, so we may end up fixing this without further input. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to hear from you with any additional details :slight_smile: