Komodo IDE 10.2.3 installer download links?

Is there a page on komodoide.com that has a list of links to download Komodo IDE 10.2.3? (I have the installer files for 10.2.1 but would prefer the latest ones for 10.) I searched the site menu, etc., but can’t find anything.


Thank you!

Do you just want to keep it around or is there an issue you’re having with 11 that’s making you switch back?

Good question. Simply the former. Over the years… err, decades… of using countless different applications, I’ve learned the value of keeping local (and backed up) copies of earlier versions of software, even though I usually end up not having to use them ever again. Yet there have been several cases when I was grateful to be able to revert back.

Alright, fair enough :slight_smile:

Note our Archive has been around for a long, long time. You can go all the way back to version 1. You can depend on us… :wink:

:slight_smile: Fear not, as I have every intention of diving into version 11 and producing more bug reports… some of them even not reported earlier… :wink:

The main thing is that I was not able to find the archive even though I looked through all of the menu items on the ActiveState home page. Software vendors will typically have an “Archive” or “Earlier releases” link or something similar on the main page for each product, but I wasn’t able to find anything like that.