Komodo Find dialog window

I’m using Komodo IDE 8.5.3. Two items about the ‘Find’ Dialog window:

  1. It still defaults to a case-sensitive search upon first access of the window after starting up Komodo even though my preferences are set to have all searches case-insensitive.
  2. I don’t like quick find because it limits the search to the current file and that’s not useful to me at least as the default way when I do a CTRL-F on my keyboard. Bottom line is let us configure whether we want to use quick find or go to the traditional find/replace dialog immediately upon issuing a CTRL-F. I believe most developers want to make sure they find the item they are looking for across all open files and not just the current file. In fact, defaulting to just the current file helps us to forget about looking in other files and this results in bugs when we forget to make a change everywhere. A preferences config option eliminates this whole discussion and the merits of which way to go.

I believe it defaults to the last search you did, where did you change your pref for searches to be case-insensitive?

You can use ctrl+shift+f for searches across files (or rebind ctrl+f), I don’t think this would be a wise default, ctrl+f by default should only search the current file as this is the UX everyone knows and has become adapted to (not just with Komodo).