Komodo.exe is not win32 application

The application started only one time after installation (only if I set “run applicaton” in an installation wizzard). And next times I see this message:
“C:\Program Files\ActiveState Komodo Edit 10\komodo.exe не является приложением Win32”.
What is it and how to treat?

P.S. Komodo Edit 10.
OS: Windows XP SP3

@cia This has to do with the system requirements.
Komodo X is not intended to run on windows xp.


Thanks for getting a hold of us. @babobski is correct, Windows XP hasn’t not been support for some time now. See the Komodo docs for supported Operating Systems.

  • Carey

Thank you for answer. Sorry, I didnt notice @babobski’s topic.
I has change shortcut - it works!