Komodo Edit: View or Switch Windows

I can’t help feeling that I must have missed something pretty obvious. I’m using Komodo on a Mac.

Sometimes I use multiple windows, either for a browser preview, or to compare multiple projects.

Is there a way to view a list of open windows to switch between them, like just about every other program? I know I can use Cmd-`, but I would like to see the traditional menu item.


Fast Open (Cmd+Shift+O) will show your open files on top. If you want something more permanent you can use the Open Files pane (Views > Tabs & Sidebars > Open Files).

For Mac OS X - Komodo does not offer a UI to switch between multiple Komodo windows - thus it’s left to the OS to handle that (aka Cmd+`).

If you want to write a Komodo macro - you can get the list of Komodo windows through the Komodo JavaScript API: