Komodo Edit, version 9.3.2, build 16460 Slow at startup windows10

To be honest even with it being the first to start I could see it taking a while with 4GB of RAM and probably a lot of apps that run on startup.

I’d recommend maybe cleaning up your startup items and buying some more RAM. Though to be completely frank; given those specs I’d say it’s probably time for a complete upgrade.

While of course Komodo can run on most hardware, results may vary based on your systems capabilities.

Could this be caused by Windows hiberboot? (when it loads a lot of stuff into RAM on startup from the hiberfil.sys). Plus, I remember there were a discussion about faster switching between apps using RAM as a cache technology (when the app state is being saved somewhere in the RAM for faster restore of it later). I think it just eats most of the RAM and there’s about 1gb of 4gb left for programs.

Also, I’d give a try to Komodo 10 just in case :slight_smile: