Komodo Edit opens files in wrong font size

Hi i watched this for a long time and i think it’s a bug.
I set the perfect font size for me in the preferences but when i open a file from my working directory it is always one size smaller. So i have to press CTRL + once every time.

This happens actually in version 9.2 but also happened to me in older versions.
OS is Linux Debian Wheezy

Check your settings under Preferences > Color Scheme and keep in mind that languages can override the default font size. To see language specific font sizes check the “Show Advanced” checkbox at the bottom left of the preferences window.

I would suggest using one of the default color schemes as a basis for customizations, as they be unlikely to have issues such as this one.

They are all php files and php files font size is set to the same font size as in the fonts tab.

What color scheme are you using?

BlueWater color scheme

It’s 3rd-party color scheme. Try Tomorrow_Dark and let us know if you’re able to reproduce it.

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Hi, i tried this one but it’s the same. Opens still in wrong font-size. Also when i start Komodo, all open files are in smaller font-size. I have to go through all open files and increase font-size by 1. I tried also setting it to Tomorrow_Dark, restart Komodo and open file but it still occurs.

You would still need to increase your font size on the color scheme level. Increasing it per file only does that - increase the font size for that particular file.

Switch to a default scheme (eg. Tomorrow_Dark) and set the Font size to your desired value there.

aaaaaaaaaaaaah i see now what the problem is.
For example my font size in settings is set to 10, i can increase it with CTRL + in my file. And then when i set it to 11 in settings it increases again so i thought font size 10 is correct for me while 11 is too big.
Maybe you can change the setting taking the user keyboard increased font size as initial point.

Thank you very much. Problem is solved for me

I’m not sure I follow your explanation.

The keyboard/scroll font size functionality is meant to be temporary, it is only saved for that particular file session.

xD you can close this. Problem is solved for me thx :slight_smile: