Komodo Edit open enormous number of fonts

I am using Komodo Edit 8.5.3 on Mavericks 10.9.3. Lately while using Komodo my machine started to get stuck so that I have to make a hard shutdown. While I am unable to trace the reasons, I checked Komodo “opened files” with Activity Monitor to found that Komodo opens an enormous number of fonts. Is this normal ?

On Mac, I think this is normal - and done as part of the font discovery service.

Can you check if the Firefox application does the same thing?

Firefox opens 40 fonts (more than other applications), Komodo Edit opens 400. Is this normal ?

This is normal - as Komodo is based on top of Firefox code (Firefox 24), which behaves in a similar fashion. Komodo 9 (the next version of Komodo) will be based on newer Firefox code, and as such it will open fewer font files (around 43 in my testing).

Though ultimately this makes little (or no) performance difference.