Komodo Edit on School Network?

I am a Code Club volunteer in the UK, in the East End of London. I’d like to try and facilitate a network install of Komodo Edit on a (slow) Windows network so that we can start to do some Python.

So, a couple of questions:

  1. For ActiveState, is this permissible? We’re pretty broke and have to use a free editor, so if this violates licence terms we have to look at other editors…

  2. Has anyone done this, especially recently? I’m ‘assuming’ that we can put the executable somewhere on a share and get the pupils to save to their ‘bit’ of shared storage. I’m a Linux person and not a sysadmin, so this may be a silly question.

  3. If anyone did it, where there performance issues? It’s about 10 Wifi-ed PCs normally.

Thanks in advance Hugh Barnard

  1. Yes you can use Komodo Edit for this, there are no restrictions in terms of what you use it for.
  2. Of course, Komodo is widely used across schools and class rooms. In fact we offer free IDE licensing to qualified schools, see our education page for more info: http://www.activestate.com/partners/education-partner
  3. Komodo does not rely on an internet connection. Only if you use the collab, server or VCS mechanic would you be making remote connections. I cannot say how this would perform on your network but you can easily try the 21 day trial to find out.