Komodo Edit on MacOS open files tool tip doesn't have z-order

Thanks for a great open-source editor.

A small problem I seem to have with it though is that whenever I move my mouse over the Open Files list, the path tool-tip is shown even when Komodo Edit is behind other windows. This is really annoying as it gets in the way of my current focus.


This has happened since around … v5? v6? A long time, in any event.

I think it’s actually something to do with the underlying Mozilla parts, because I can repro it with Firefox to this day.

Correct, this is an underlying Mozilla issue. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about it at this time.

Are you using version 11? I introduced a tentative fix for this that landed in 11.0.0.

I noticed it FAAAAR less in 11 but I think I still saw it once or twice. Didn’t think to report it since it’s been around for forever. I’ll keep an eye out, though.

Ok, thnx.
I am using Komodo Edit 10 here, so I’ll try upgrading to 11.

Still have this problem with 11.1. (I did see the comment about this being a problem originating from Mozilla.)