Komodo Edit Not Parsing PHP Scripts

Using version 12.0.1 of Edit on WIndows 11 with PHP8.3 & Apache2.4

A basic phpinfo() file runs fine when using localhost on Firefox & Opera so I know PHP & Apache are set up correctly, but when clicking View in Browser in Komodo Firefox presents a blank page & Opera an ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND message.

In both browsers the resulting address bar reads:


The actual path is correct but I don’t understand why the / after the : is missing, nor why this incorrect url is repeated twice, & am unable to find anything in the settings that might resolve this issue.

Any help with this gratefully received.


What path are you loading to test this? I’m guessing it’s a URL to your apache server, something like localhost/path/to/file. The file must be servered from the server, not your file system directly.

It’s been years since I looked at this but I believe this is handled by Mapped Paths in Komodo to have View in Browser work. Have a look at these docs and see if they help: Komodo 12 Documentation: Mapped URIs

I’m not sure why you would be getting that double path thing you’re seeing but my guess would be an errant prefs. First thing I’d do would be Help menu > Troubleshooting > Restart in Safemode.

Hi Carey

Thanks for your reply. I have followed the help docs you indicated but the browser now tells me it cannot find that site & can’t connect to the server at the URI I created even though the address in the address bar shows that ‘domain’ with the correct file ‘inex.php’.

Please see attached screenshots but note I have also tried adding ‘index’ & index.php to the URI.
Komodo Address Bar
Komodo URI

Hi @Mark57 , I need you to answer all the questions I ask and try all the things I’ve asked you to try.

I can’t give further feedback until I have those answers and data points.

I will point out that the URI in the Mapping prefs window does not match the URI you put in the browser.