Komodo Edit (latest) build failure

At the end of my build I get:

OSError: error running 'python mach --log-file /Users/greggt/tmp/KomodoEdit/mozilla/build/moz3500-ko10.10/mozilla/mach.log build ': 2

And the “build komodo” part fails, as it cannot find a working mozilla build.

this is the latest trunk (like, I did git clone an hour ago) but it’s been happening for a few weeks now. I am on the latest OSX.

(Edit: a previous post from last year is a similar problem but it seems to be about Fedora, not OSX.)

Hi @neurobashing,

I JUST dealt with this. I’ve updated the Komodo Edit Readme.md so have a look to see if installing Xcode 6.4 helps: https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit#mac-prerequisites

If you want more details on the error you can run the command

python mach --log-file /Users/greggt/tmp/KomodoEdit/mozilla/build/moz3500-ko10.10/mozilla/mach.log build
``` in your 
`/Users/greggt/tmp/KomodoEdit/mozilla/build/moz3500-ko10.10/mozilla/` folder.

- Carey

Fwiw @careyh JUST kicked off a Komodo 10 pre-release build. So with a bit of luck you’ll be able to get your dose of Komodo 10 soon, if that’s why you’re building it. :slight_smile:

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…did it work? @neurobashing

  • Carey

@nathanr made it sound like a formal beta would appear RSN so I’m waiting.

Ahhhh lame. Ok…yes…@nathanr is not lying. Keep your eyes open.

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How can I give you 9000 likes?

@Defman, I think you just did big guy.

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