Komodo Edit 'Find Files' suddenly says 'No Files Were Found To Search In'

I have been using Komodo Edit for a couple years now and love it, especially the Find In Files feature.

I am very familar with how to use, and was using it yesterday when all of a sudden it decided to tell me that “No Files Were Found To Search In”

Search In was set to File and I double and triple checked the filename I typed in Include was correct and then removed and re-added the Directories section, but still told me the same thing.

I was very confused for quite a while until I realized that I had accidentally UNchecked the Search In Sub-Directories box.

Rechecked the box and all is good again!

Glad you resolved your issue and thanks for sharing your experience. You can also use the open/find toolbar (instead of the Find Dialog) as a way to search within files:
with keyboard shortcuts (Alt+i, or Ctrl+i on Mac) to focus into the textbox field. You can also use relative paths like “.” and “…” to search relative from the current editor file.

had the same message: no files were found to search in…

Was pulling my hair out, then I noticed I accidentally entered ‘.’ in the ‘Include’ field.

I deleted that and search worked again.

I probably shouldn’t snooze on my keyboard.