Komodo Edit build issues

cons.pl: _build: don't know how to construct "build/release/schemes/color_schemes/templates/common.p.py"

I see this message during “bk build” stage. What I’m doing wrong?

You need to clone the submodules, run:

git submodule update --init
git submodule update --remote
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It’s better to write that in the Building Instructions section :smiley:

Agreed, we simply havent had a lot of people try to build Komodo Edit so it can be a bit outdated. Will update.

Thanks! Works for me.

Build instructions should be updated. For example mozilla requires more dependencies than desribed.

I thought those had been updated. Can you share what you’ve found to be missing? I may be thinking of an internal doc I looked at that was updated :’(

  • Carey

Mozilla requires alsa and many other things for success build. I have to install requirements from here.

This is actually in the readme - https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit#others

Yes, in “For Others” paragraph and that is confusing. I’m using Centos for build so I follow Fedora section of this guide.

P.S. Can you provide information about your current linux build system? I want to know OS name/version and versions of gcc (4.8.2 for 9.0 I think), glibc, gtk2-devel, etc.

The docker image would be what you want if you want a nice pristine linux environment:

Taken from the system requirements:

System Libraries:
glibc 2.4 (or higher) and libjpeg.so.62 (or higher)
libstdc++6 (or higher)
GTK+ 2.10 (or higher)
Gnome (libgnome, libgnomeui)
gdk-pixbuf2 may be required on some distros (eg. CentOS 6)

I still don’t understand how can I use Komodo Edit built from the source with Docker for edit files

Once everything has calmed down a bit around the Komodo 9 launch I will spend some time properly documenting it.

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Thanks a lot Nathan! I’ll wait for that.

Does Komodo Edit was build using this docker image? I want one-to-one build environment as yours.

P.S. Mozilla 35 requires GTK 2.18 as minimal version so that requirements looks outdated.

I use the Docker image myself, our buildbots use Ubuntu, @careyh would be able to give you the specific versions of the libraries.

We build Komodo on all sorts of environments, so we are not super precise about what version of what dependency we used, the requirements are approximate except for the buildbots.

Thanks for your answer. Docker images based on Ubuntu 12.04. What Ubuntu version your buildbots based?

Hey @Mystic_Mirage,

The buildbots for out two Linux builds are run on CentOS 6.

Reference for the Mozilla 35 system requirements. Looks like you are correct. Docs must not have been updated. I can confirm that the CentOS machines meet those requirements (obviously, since we have builds).

Thanks for keeping us on our (edit) toes @Mystic_Mirage.

  • Carey

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Excellent! Centos 6 is what I am using to build the Komodo Editor. But your buildbots (as I can see) use a different version of GCC not included in Centos 6. The 4.8.2 as I can see. From devtoolset-2 repository. Right?

Yep that’s right @Mystic_Mirage.