Komodo Edit a lot of little things

Salve Community!
I’ve started with Komodo Edit (KE) and I very pleased with it, instead posting several issues and questions I decide to put here all of them and get directions or solutions:
1 When open prefrences in a split view the half window don’t show until I move it from the title bar
2 Elastic tabs spread beyond the max line lenght
3 Elastic tabs don’t align in the shell output (almost always the last 2 lines)
4 How assign a shortcut for move to split view and back?
5 There’s a plugin for show a tree of projects(different places, languages, etc) in the sidebar?
6 Full support for C/C++ language will arrive?
7 Sometimes the minimap flickers, I can’t figure out the steps that causes it for posting here

spec: Archlinux, KDE Plasma, Nvidia K2200, i4790, 32GBRam
I know there are other editors, I have it an tested, but Komodo make me forget about my enviroment and take focus in my code, congrats I really enjoy coding in your editor…

  1. Looks like a bug for me.
  2. Preferences - Key Bindings. Search for split. There’s “Move tab to other split view”.
  3. Not I’m aware of. There’s the Project sub-pane in the Places pane with your latest projects.
  4. Probably not.
  5. More info, please :slight_smile: A video/gif would be much appreciated.

Hi @MaskedVII, thank you for taking the time to provide feedback!

Unfortunately this isnt the best way to do it. Could you please open tickets for your individual issues on our bug tracker?

We’ll want to delve into some of them and a forum thread is not the place to do it.

Yes I’m I know this is not the right way to do, but I really don’t know which one is a bug or issue, and I’m not expert in Komodo, that’s why posted all togheter, from here with you support (thanks for answering so fast) I’ll post it back in the right way and place. thanks I’ll post back ASP

Sounds to me they’re either bugs or enhancement requests. Bug tracker would be the place to go :slight_smile:

I think that post multiple questions saves bandwidth… In compliance with your standards I’ll open the necesary posts, thanks nathanr expecting your support!