Komodo edit 9.3 tab order


this might be a noob question but : how to change the opening tab order ?
before 9.3, when i opened a file, it was opened in a new tab next to the last tab.
now, it places the new opened tab between others so that they are sorted alphabetically.

is there a way to get the old way back ?


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You can select your tab order from the Open Files pane, if you wish to disable tab sorting you can hit the cog icon from the Open Files pane and uncheck “Sort Tabs”.


aaaaah, ok !

i had detached the “place” pane, and didn’t think to check the “open files” pane. thanks =)

I disabled “Group Open Files” and “Sort Tabs”, but it STILL sorts tabs some of the time.

It still sorts tabs according to the “Sort by…” options. Not always, but sometimes when i open a new file, it sorts it somewhere in between instead of adding a new tab to the right.

I usually sort my Tabs manually, according to what i’m currently working on (base programs left, then config, then current module+TT file). Any additional file i open should always be the rightmost one until i manually re-sort it according to my current workload.

This is very annoying, it disrupts my workflow and i have to play hunt-the-tab.

This issue is being addressed here (includes a workaround):