Komodo Edit 8.5.4 random freezes


I’m having random freeze issues with Komodo Edit : sometimes the editor start to freeze for few seconds when i’m typing (PHP, JS, SASS…) or just totally freeze for one or two minutes.
I don’t see anything suspicious in the task manager, i have plenty of memory free and komodo.exe stay at ~185MB when he freeze.

Restarting the software is not helping, I have to restart my computer to get back Komodo Edit to normal.

Did someone experienced those kind of issues too ?

I’m on Windows 7 - 64 bit.

PS : sorry for my poor english, and merry christmas !

Can you attach your log after freezing? (Help - Troubleshooting - View log file). Your log can help us to solve your problem as far as we can.

  • Merry x-mas, Defman.

Did you solve your problem, @vard?