Komodo edit 11 & 12: Ctrl+Alt not recognized for macros or snippet key binding

I have this problem in both Edit-11 and 12. I can no longer assign any keybinding to Ctrl+Alt. Ctrl+Alt+W (close all tabs) no longer works in Edit 11, but it does in Edit 12. When I try to assign Ctrl+Alt+p to a snippet, nothing shows up in the text box. Shift+Alt shows up, as does Ctrl+Shift+Alt.

I’m running Linuxmint 20.2.

Since this used to work but now doesn’t (and I haven’t ugraded my Komodo Edit 11) I assume some setup has been fouled up.

Hi @Harry_Gondalf,

Have you ruled out something in your OS? A recent change/upgrade/update that blocks that binding from being used at all?

To rule out stale/borked Komodo config you can try Help > Troubleshooting > Restart in Safe Mode.

[quote=“careyh, post:2, topic:5704”]
Help > Troubleshooting > Restart in Safe Mode
[/quote] No help. Phenomenon persists. This behaviour occurs also in my laptop, also running LM 20.2 Cinnamon. And in my desktop when I reboot into LM 19.3.

Behaviour is: cursor does not return to the edit pane after running the snippet.

Note that this problem only cropped up after running the new install a half hour or so.

This is a new install of Komodo Edit 12, recently downloaded and installed. Trust you are testing this on a Linuxmint or Ubuntu system. and are running the exact same snippet ([[%ask:Paragraph number:]]). Note that default <h2> snippet works.

The problem seems to lie in the [[%ask:paratext:]] function. I just tried a new one, with default text, and still the cursor doesn’t return to the current pane.

Apologies Careyh,

It was one of my startup programs. I painstakingly disabled all of the startup apps and rebooted one at a time until the behaviour appeared.

Thank you very much for your kind assistance, and I am sorry to be such a bother.

-Harry G

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Hey @Harry_Gondalf,

No bother at all! I truly appreciate you doing the steps to figure out it was another program! Most people would have just left it at “It’s Komodo’s fault and the devs couldn’t figure it out”.

  • Carey

Hi Cary,

No, I’ve thoroughly investigated this issue, and even downloaded K.IDE for Linux simply for testing. it is a bug (albeit minor) in both K.Edit and K.IDE.

I’m running Linuxmint 20.2.

Behaviour: I noticed that after running a snippet containing [[%ask:Variable:Default]], both KE and KI applications lose focus; I have to click the Komodo app or select it with Alt-Tab or Alt-Shift-Tab.

Further investigation reveals that this behaviour ensues when another window in the same workspace is set to ‘always-on-top’.

In Linuxmint, if you right-click the title bar of the other window and disable ‘always-on-top’, OR minimize the wiindow to the tray, then the snippet operates normally.


Hi @Harry_Gondalf,

Please link the bug report you filed so we’re not writing the same things in two places.