Komodo Edit 10.2 / New Files?

Hello, I am new to this community,and I have a question.
I am using Komodo Edit 10.2. Have had it for about a year and have not tried to use it till now.
Have been watching some stuffl on YT. They have been helpful but also leave you hanging in the wind sometimes.
The question I have is this.I am aware that you can open new HTML5 files that have all the tags already in them and have opened one up.can’t remember how.I have it written down and can go back and check.
The book I am learning from suggest that I learn to type out all the tags to get familar with them.
When I go to open a new file or project ,it pops up a blank screen. The file heading says { Text 1.txt }.This isn’t an HTML5 document and it won’t show in preview. So how exactly do I get a fully blank HTML5 File open ?

This is something that would be easily found in the docs but I’ll save you the time of searching for it:

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Thanks for the information. It seems to have worked. Still have alot to learn though.I got an almost blank page ,yet I still have a small problem.Not sure how to resolve because I don’t know where to look for it.
Example I type in it wants to put the end tag on. I finish the line or what ever I’m putting in and hit inter.The end tag is still there.Have to delete the tag,.so every time I type opening tag it automatically puts the end tag there. Anyway to get rid of that end tag ?

@Mac1764 you can change this in the preferences ( preferences > code intelligence ) :

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Thank You for the tip. It did the job.

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