Komodo edit 10.1.1 on Windows 10 no icons

Hello All - very strange happening with fresh install of Windows 10 and Komodo Edit 10.1.1. In the menu bar there are no icons just little boxes with letters and numbers in the boxes. it sounds like a font issue, but it looks like i have all proper fonts installed.
Thank you in advance.

This looks like a broken installation for me. But I don’t clearly understand how does your menubar looks like. Could you share a screenshot?

Please see attached uploaded image.
Thank you

Yeah looks like it’s broken. Try to re-install Komodo.

I’ve tried reinstalling. I’ve also downgraded to 10.1.0. Same result. Interestingly, when I downgraded to version 9 I dont have the problem. It’s specific to version 10.

Komodo 9 didn’t use font icons. Press Alt - Help - Troubleshooting - Restart in Safe Mode. Would that help you?

I was able to restart in safe-mode, but did not help.

Wow, that looks very broken indeed. It has to be one of 3 things:

  • Your install is corrupt (reinstall Komodo)
  • Your profile is corrupt (restart in safe mode should fix, but to be safe try this)
  • You do not meet the system requirements

My bet is on the first 2, please ensure you have properly reinstalled Komodo and if all else fails try deleting your profile folder (make a backup).