Komodo Debug Proxy Not responding

I have setup Komodo debug proxy on our Centos 7 server. For the most part it is working fine, however periodically it stops responding to a register request. Once I restart it it is fine again. Oftentimes it can go several hours without hanging, and it always restarts reliably. There is a line in the log that says pydbgpproxy[15242]: DBGPError: the debugger could not accept new connection. Anyone have any insights?

What does this mean?

In my IDE there is a menu option to register my Key with the proxy. The proxy stops responding to that request.


I did not even read the thread title. That makes sense now. Do you leave multiple debug session running without stopping/completing the session? I’m not aware of a limit to number of connections but there could be. You could try starting the proxy with the added -l DEBUG option to see if it prints more helpful information.

  • Carey