Komodo Debug Proxy Not responding

I have setup Komodo debug proxy on our Centos 7 server. For the most part it is working fine, however periodically it stops responding to a register request. Once I restart it it is fine again. Oftentimes it can go several hours without hanging, and it always restarts reliably. There is a line in the log that says pydbgpproxy[15242]: DBGPError: the debugger could not accept new connection. Anyone have any insights?

What does this mean?

In my IDE there is a menu option to register my Key with the proxy. The proxy stops responding to that request.


I did not even read the thread title. That makes sense now. Do you leave multiple debug session running without stopping/completing the session? I’m not aware of a limit to number of connections but there could be. You could try starting the proxy with the added -l DEBUG option to see if it prints more helpful information.

  • Carey

Sorry to revive this old thread, but we are seeing this same unresponsive behavior, but no error in the log about not being able to accept a new connection. We added the ‘-l DEBUG’ and we are not seeing anything useful in the log. Any additional guidance would be appreciated.

We are hearing from our team about once a day that it becomes unresponsive. Once we restart it, all is well. RHES 7.9

Hi @shannonk,

We added the ‘-l DEBUG’ and we are not seeing anything useful in the log

This would still be helpful information to have. I’m not familiar with the proxy code but the more information I have the better. We’re you able to reproduce the issue while running the proxy with debug output?

It sounds like the proxy is maintaining too many sessions though. Depending on how people are interacting with it, that may or may not be a reasonable thing to be occurring.

FYI, the code for the proxy is open source and can be found in the lib/support/dbgp/bin folder of the install directory for Komodo, if anyone comes across this thread and is feeling curious to take a peek. I tried to find it in the Open Komodo IDE but apparently it’s not part of that codebase.

  • Carey