Komodo constantly freezing

Komodo IDE is constantly freezing. I’m running the latest version. When I tried looking up this issue a couple of months ago, I was told that this was a Mac OS problem - but it’s still a problem. Has this been resolved? I’m getting awfully tired of trying to use the IDE and having to start over every few minutes.

Please see

The latest build shared there is working well for people I believe. We hope to have a stable build with a fix soon.

Thank you very much! The build as downloaded is far more stable and it’s been a pleasure to work without having to worry about constant freezes and restarts.

I do notice that I’m unable to see the code outline in the right-hand panel with this build, or utilize it to navigate the current document quickly. That’s a fine trade over the instability issues, but it’d be nice to have that back. Is there anything I can do to get the code outline to be displayed?

@Arlen_Greer no, that is an experimental build which unfortunately breaks this functionality. We are working on a new build.

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I’m on MacOS 10.12.5 (MBP 2016), Komodo 10.2.2. I’m developing in Python. Komodo is freezing multiple times per day and is often painfully slow (e.g… when scrolling through medium-large files). I’ve been using Komodo on and off for years, but this is getting really frustrating.

@Mike_Thicke Please see my earlier response to this thread.