Komodo Comments and Tag Storage - Switch on/off comments and store in SQL database and Navigate using tags

I made it possible to store the komodo editor notes into a sql database, and then toggle them.
It is possible to customize them, and have different notes for different usages. public, private…
I will add more features later.

I made some improvements that it would automatically add a id to the comments.

with a snipped called c inside the macro->php-folder (when doing php programming), i can now comment with the following code simply by typing “c tab tab” after choosing the auto-abbreviation:

:slight_smile: [[%tabstop:]]:slight_smile:

then i just have to type the text i like within; sometimes inside a /* */ and sometimes inside a #

in order for to save the comment after, simply run the CommentToggle macro

I’m working on making it possible to add tags within the comments, and also to make a index on top of the page where one can quickly navigate.

The latest version i also made it add commentid automatically; so that one wouldn’t have to type it in. if there is a space after the :slight_smile: char, it will generate a id

The git-repo https://github.com/krizoek/komodo-tag-navigation do contain a tag system. you can use them to navigate with too.
TagIndexGenerator.js will generate a list of all the tags within the editor.
TagNavigation.js is to be used for the navigation

  • Tag-format: ◙tags◘ (to be used inside comments)
  • Navigate Tags by adding a + after the first char in tag container
  • Example ◙+tag1,22◘ (will navigate to line 22 after adding the + before tag1)

The latest version on github now contains a web-page which allows you to batch toggle multiple files at the same time.
It also will store comments and tags into a database.

This allows you to do this same(except the tag-navigation) from without having to load macros inside komodo

This is great @krizoek! My only concern with your approach is that people would need to have PHP installed, running and configured in order to use it, which will be a barrier to entry. Note that everything you do could be done with JS or Python using sqlite, see https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/JavaScript_code_modules/Sqlite.jsm

Regardless, great addon! I’ll see about integrating it into our packages repo but as it is depending on PHP it will not be appearing in the Komodo package installer itself as it would require additional installation steps.

Yes, I made it like this, so it would be possible to set up servers, and synchronize with them (not only locally).
In some time i’ll be working on more mapping for the tags, so maybe it would be possible to create charts, and maybe i’ll have it done together with phpdoc eventually. But i will probably make it apart at first