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Color Scheme Editor: Selecting an Item

Not sure what color scrollbars uses in Preferences window.


inb4 someone asks for this color scheme! :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah looks good to me.


Any word on the scroll bar coloring? the “Black handle on a charcoal bar” is difficult to see. :slight_smile:


The scroll thumb is using the “contrast” color for regular views and the “button” color for dialog views.


Many thanks. Is there a way to change the scrollbar color itself as well?

Simplest way to change scrollbar thumb color for Komodo 10?
Direction of Komodo
Make scroll bar color configurable

There sure is:

scrollbar thumb
	background: @special !important;


Nice! Thanks again!

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i finished by understand thanks !

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Not relevant anymore since Komodo got a good localization of its color scheme editor since 10.1.0 I believe.