Komodo and emmet tab issue (not only xemmet)

I installed the original “emmet” , not “xemmet”, since “xemmet” have too many wrong behaviors…

But with the original “emmet” I have this same issue as with “xemmet” :

After typing " input:t ", and expanding the emmet abbreviation, I get this :

<input type="text" name="" id="">

All fine for now : cursor is over “text” (selected), with 2 tabstop for the name and id attributes.

The problem is that if I do want “text” for the “type”, I cannot move to those 2 tabstops.

Having “text” selected and then hitting “tab”, I get this :

<input type="<label>Label<input type="text" id="id"/></label>" name="" id="">

I have to type “text” (overwriting “text”) , then hit “tab” to go the first tabstop…

@trogne the issue here is not Emmet or Xemmet.
The problem is that Komodo is inserting a snippet from the toolbox when it shouldn’t.

I created a issue for the problem and explained the issue a bit more:

As work around, you can rename/remove the snippet in question, or disable the auto-abbreviations setting:

Preferences > editor > smart editing

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Great! I’ve unchecked this option. Thanks!