Komodo 9 theme / CI popup color issues

I downloaded the Ko9 nightly last night, and I get a CI popup that’s pretty-much unreadable.

Not only that, but when I mouse over the scrollbar, the background color of the popup changes as the mouse moves.

This also happens on the “HTML is not a debuggable language” warning popup (which FWIW I think is unnessessary - save yourself the preferences code and get rid of it)

I found that this also happened to several other editor popups in Ko8 and below, they would random hue tints each time they popped up; I’ve logged bugs on this before.

What skin are you using? Can you try using the default skin and color scheme?

Hey Nathan,

I’m not sure I’m using any skin, am I? I just downloaded the Nightly and ran it. Is it importing all my Ko8 prefs? Is there an option for it NOT to do that?

I really just want to run it vanilla.

You could run Komodo with a clean profile by running it from the CLI and defining KOMODO_USERDATADIR. Eg:

set KOMODO_USERDATADIR=C:\temp\komodo

Then launch Komodo (from the same prompt).

Before you do that, please let me know what you have configured under Preferences > Appearance > Skin and Preferences > Color Scheme

Ah, sorry Nathan, I missed your post…

So I killed a bunch of folders in AppData and it sorts out the colors, but the design of the CI popup feels pretty amateurish with the opacity, tint and gradient fill, and the random color issue is still there - in this screenshot it’s yellow, though it could be blue, purple, brown, green, etc

And I guess the text / layout it’s just reflecting the current theme, right?

For some reason, it just doesn’t feel professional to me… but perhaps that’s just because of the various other design inconsistencies.

I just expect my IDE to stay neutral and consistent, from prefs, to menus, to popups, autocomplete, icons, etc… but they seem to be different everywhere you look.

You seem to be experiencing a bug there, it should definitely not be showing you different colors randomly, that is very odd, I’ve no clue what could be causing that off the top of my head. It should color itself according to your color scheme, so with a white background it should be a simple greyish popup with a veeery faint gradient.

There absolutely is consistency but you are simply running into a bug. Could you post your error log?

Also, as ever, keep in mind that this is a pre-release (!). Bugs will happen. If something isnt adding up it probably means it isnt worked as intended.

I’m just now tested it on Default_Light, Monokai_Light and my custom color scheme - this popup works normally and use normal colors.

There absolutely is not:







Code Intelligence


I realise this is a nightly, but the trend appears to be to tackle each component on its own, and there’s no real overall visual cohesion.

Every other IDE I’ve used remains consistent:

  • WebStorm
  • FlashDevelop
  • Visual Studio
  • Eclipse
  • Dreamweaver
  • Sublime

The core framework UI feels the most cohesive, and I think you’ve done a great job on the file type and the new code view icons:

In my view, everything else should aim to emulate that; it does its job well and there are no unnecessary surprises.

It’s not my intention to pick holes, I’m just trying to raise a valid point about the overall visual consistency and UX of the product - which I think is extremely important - and the more fiddling that happens, the further away from that Komodo will be.

Anyway, I will leave you to fry those bigger fish :wink:

I was speaking in regards to the HUD elements (such as the autocomplete popup), not the UI overall. The UI has gotten very inconsistent and I’ve been working hard on streamlining it, but it’s not a simple or short process. It is an iterative process.

The issue you are raising is absolutely valid, but rest assured it is one that we are well aware of, and have been for a while. It’s because of us addressing this issue (again, an iterative process) that you ran into this bug and opened this thread :slight_smile:

Also I will not name any one editor specifically but I strongly disagree that the UI/UX is more consistent in some of those editors you named, to the point where I have a hard time even believing that you named them :stuck_out_tongue: Yes Komodo needs to improve its UX, but we’re not THAT bad.


Btw the toolbar in your screenshot is using a non-default iconset, not sure if you configured that yourself or if that may be a (upgrade?) bug.

Ha ha, name them! Don’t be shy :wink:

Edit: the Toolbar icons are from the “IcoMoon - Ambience” theme

I’ve already said too much :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously though; point taken - and dont worry, we are definitely on it. But it wont all be “fixed” in one single version.


// \AppData\Local\ActiveState\KomodoIDE\9.0\XRE\prefs.js

user_pref("nglayout.debug.widget_update_flashing", true);

This took about 45 mins of deleting AppData folders one by one, working out which ones Komodo recreated, then deleting files from them, then folders in the XRE folder, then files, then comparing files that Komodo recreated (at which point the flashing stopped) then working out it was the prefs file, then deleting swathes of prefs until the flashing stopped again, then singling out the offending line.

What’s that all about then? I’ve had this in previous versions; no idea how it got there, but it seems to be in the core.

I was seriously worried that it might have been one of my own extensions at one point and I might have left in some exploratory code. Glad it ain’t :slight_smile:

Edit 1: Go to about:config then set “nglayout.debug.paint_flashing_chrome” to true. Behold! DISCO 2000!
Edit 2: This works in Firefox (about:config) too. I feel some pranking coming on :slight_smile:

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Maybe I not right, but in Firefox you can enable this feature without edit something in about:config and get same result.

Edit: okay, I’m not right. This feature works only for HTML inside Firefox, not on Firefox. Also it’s look very funny :smiley:

Damn… sure am glad you went digging cause there aint no way I would have found that. Glad you got it sorted.

The flashing thing was so ridiculous, and (the colorisation at least) has been affecting previous versions, I felt had to get to the bottom of it!

And it’s finally fixed the colored tooltips in Ko8 too.

Incidentally, the fact it’s repainting the CI popup so much in Ko9 might warrant a poke about at your end?

Its probably because it has some slight transparency. I might remove that, it’s a bit gimmicky anyway.