Komodo 9 svn icons

Hi all,

i just installed komodo IDE 9, version 9.0.0-rc1, build 87122, platform win32-x86, and i found out a problem with SVN icons in the Places folders/files tree.
Apparently a modified file is shown as “modified” (with the pencil icon) on its tab header when it’s open for edit. The same file appears to be "as in the repository’ whe appearing in the places tree.
Is this a bug or should I do something in order to make it show the pencil there too?
Please have a look on this picture:


Did you (Right Mouse Button on Places) - Refresh View ?

You mean “refresh status”, right? Yes I did!

Ahh, forgot. It’s a bug. I just tried to edit a file and can’t see a new icon in Places but can see in tabs.
So please file a bug here: https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit/issues

I see this didn’t get reported yet. Please report issues when you find them or else they may not get fixed :smile:

  • Carey

Thanks for the report - this will be fixed in the next Komodo 9 nightly update.

Fixed in build 87166. I tested it.