Komodo 9 invoke tool?

Just installed Komodo 9 to try it out, but where invoke tool go? It’s not on F5 anymore, it’s not in key bindings. Is there a beter way to call a snippet now?

I’m slightly confused as F5 is start debugging (for Linux and Windows) and always has been by default for Linux and Windows. The invoke tool key binding for me (and I believe default for versions < 9) is Ctrl + Shift + K I believe. And that is still the case for Komodo 9…exceeeeept, it’s now integrated in to Commando.

Long winded story short, try Ctrl + Shift + K

  • Carey

Ok, so I’ve bind this:

And when I pressed it, I got this:

Ctrl + Shift + K shows empty Cimmando too now. I’m not sure, maybe this glitch happened when I pressed “Manage Scopes”.

Looks like you need to jump in to a debugging mind set. It’s working for me on the alpha release so as far as I know there is no bug yet.

Check your profile and make sure your tools are actually there.

Anything in the logs? Help > Troubleshooting > View Log File

Try resetting your profile and try the default keybinding (more info in the link above about resetting profile).

If you do find a bug please do let us know so we can fix it.

  • Carey