Komodo 9 hanging?

I tried to load up Komodo 9 (coming from Komodo 8.5), and I run my sessions over SSH. And it takes incredibly long to load up my files. After it does it keeps freezing up randomly.

I went to the error log and here is what I got:

[2015-03-25 22:05:57,046] [WARNING] koScintillaSchemeService: applyScheme:: no indicator for name 'collab_remote_cursor_4'
[2015-03-25 22:05:57,048] [WARNING] koScintillaSchemeService: applyScheme:: no indicator for name 'collab_remote_cursor_5'
[2015-03-25 22:05:57,048] [WARNING] koScintillaSchemeService: applyScheme:: no indicator for name 'collab_remote_cursor_2'
[2015-03-25 22:05:57,049] [WARNING] koScintillaSchemeService: applyScheme:: no indicator for name 'collab_remote_cursor_3'
[2015-03-25 22:05:57,051] [WARNING] koScintillaSchemeService: applyScheme:: no indicator for name 'collab_remote_cursor_1'
[2015-03-25 22:05:57,051] [WARNING] koScintillaSchemeService: applyScheme:: no indicator for name 'collab_remote_change'
[2015-03-25 22:05:57,052] [WARNING] koScintillaSchemeService: applyScheme:: no indicator for name 'collab_local_change'
[2015-03-25 22:05:57,875] [ERROR] console-logger: TypeError: topView.findViewsForURI is not a function (2) in chrome://breadcrumbs/content/breadcrumbs.js:430
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "chrome://breadcrumbs/content/breadcrumbs.js", line 430, in 

Anyone else having this issue or just me? (I am running Window 7 pro 64bit)

Yep, I have something like that. When I hide Komodo and then open it with remote files opened Komodo freezing for a while to… I don’t know what the reason of freezing, may be Komodo try to check actuality of opened files by syncing with the remote server I connected to. The fastest method is SCP connection type but seems like you already use it (or not, maybe you just use your login and password to connect to a remote server, but not a public ssh key which is more faster)

Hmm Komodo may be trying to poll some of your remote connections when it starts up, depending on how you have it configured. Can you please explain your workflow with remote files?

I am using an SFTP connection with user and password yes. It lets me login and everything and I see the files in the tabs it just freezes up, mostly when loading the project. I can still click on things but than 5 seconds later it freezes up again for a minute.

I have 3 projects, when I open Komodo it asks me if I want to restore my last session which I agree to. From than on it asks me for login for my first project, once I enter it, it freezes up for a bit(normal on Komodo 8.5 even), than asks me if I want to restore my opened files which I say ok(another short freeze but again normal). Once I have repeated this procedure for all 3 projects(would be nice if this process was in async but that is another story) I now have everything open. Now I have access I can type or click menu options and stuff for a few seconds and than a freeze for a minute or 2 of everything. than again I have access and than a freeze again. And this keep repeating.

Does it freeze when you choose not to restore anything?

I’m seeing something similar on Mac OS X Yosemite. When I have remote files open and I switch back to Komodo from another application, it takes about 3 seconds for Komodo to respond. My logo file looks similar to that of “Know”.

Trying on a fresh instance, the freeze may be dependent on the amount of remote files open. I tried same thing fabrizim did by opening remote files and going back and forth and I got freezes. The more remote files open, the longer the freeze I think.

Open Komodo preferences and select the Editor category, then uncheck the Detect when network files are changed outside the environment. Komodo will still detect any file changes when it saves. Does that help?

Note: Komodo re-checks the file status when switching applications.

Hi all,

I have the same behavior and i created a report on https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit/issues/70 (FYI)

I want to test the @toddw sugerence but i don’t see that setting on my preferences…

Toggle “Show Advanced” at the bottom left.

Done, but without change for me, the same behavior.

But if i uncheck the option “Detect when files are changed outside the environment” Komodo edit 9 works very well without hangs.

Same as Richzendy, when I did Network files it didn’t work, but when I did for ALL files it works. With disabling check on all files, I was even able to restore my 3 projects without lag after they loaded initially.

Is there any options or plans for Komodo to pull from the network asynchronously? (Even without this issue, it takes about 5-10 minutes for me to restore my 3 projects data because it goes 1 file at a time instead of doing them all at once)

Opened an enhancement ticket for this here - https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit/issues/95

Has anyone ever found a remedy for this? I love Komodo, but I’ve already begun looking and downloading alternatives… I don’t want to pay another license fee for different software, but every time my Komodo IDE window receives focus, it takes a full 60 seconds before i can actually type anything… then if i switch to my browser and refresh a page, then come back to Komodo IDE i have to wait another full 60 seconds before I can use it.

Literally right now the majority of my dev time is spent waiting for Komodo… is this the way it is, using Komodo, or is there some kind of workaround that will make Komodo nearly as useful as other IDEs?

Do you work with remote servers in Komodo by change?

I do, yes. But I’ve tried the suggestions that I’ve seen here and elsewhere, and it was never an issue before a few months ago… I’ve used it for quite a while without any issue.

And just to clarify, I love Komodo… I’m just an immature @hat when things don’t go perfect lol

If you can suggest anything else, or need some more info let me know… and thanks!

Okay, in this case disable Detect when files are changed outside the environment in Preferences - Editor. This helped me and should help you.

I’ve had that disabled for a while now, I didn’t notice any difference after de-selecting it

Did you restarted Komodo? It works fine to me, like Komodo don’t hang on remote files when I switch from any window to Komodo.