Komodo 9 Causing CodeIntel KeyError Notifications ... How to Find Cause?

Komodo 8 was working great for me, but Komodo 9 is bombarding me with codeintel error messages, for which I can’t find the cause, and which causes Komodo to active erratically (when I get the notifications, sometimes the Back button in the IDE no longer works for example).

I think this may be the root error: KeyError u'ee_user
“ee_user.py” is the name of the file which causes the notifications when it’s open.

I then get notifications like AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get', and section_from_line failed at line XXX (where XXX seems to bear no relation to anything on the line), etc.

How can I resolve this?

First step is always to reset your Komodo code intel database.

If that doesn’t resolve your issue then come back and let us know.

  • Carey

Thanks, that seems to have fixed it!