Komodo 9.2.1 : The suck continues

So 9.1 was working ok. But 9.2 is terrible with remote files. (SCP)

I blew away my old configs and started from scratch, (as suggested by some people here) and entered the remote info properly. I specified the default path as a relative one, and found that Komodo tried to use it as a absolute one. That’s mistake #1.

Then I corrected it to be a full path, and corrected it to be an absolute path, and that also didn’t work. It was trying to use the old setting. Mistake #2, Restarted Komodo, and it’s still using the old setting. Mistake #3.

Looks like I’m downgrading to 9.1… Again.

Also, the + button on the add server screen should warn you if the entries are not blank. There should be an “Add” button for when you are done entry. The + just clears everything out… The only way to get it to save is to hit ok, which sucks if you have multiple servers to configure. Mistake #4.

So now after I deleted and readded the server I get a listing. But double clicking on a file to open it just results in spinner. Forever. Mistake #5.

I am sorry you are not enjoying 9.2 but please adjust your tone. We all work very hard on Komodo and do our best to fix these kinds of issues, unfortunately these things can happen.

Please consider reporting your individual issues on our issue tracker here, happy to look into well written issue reports that are respectful towards our devs: https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit/issues/new

Please keep in mind no one here is out to break your workflow, that may happen from time to time anyway, but it’s absolutely not intentional.

I’m closing this thread as this is not the appropriate way to report issues, neither the tone nor the medium (use the issue tracker).