Komodo 8 / Laravel 5 ... slow combo

Hi all,

About a year ago I purchased Komodo 8 IDE and I’ve been using it for some quick and dirty PHP projects since. It’s been fine.

However, some weeks ago we started using Laravel 5 as our PHP framework and I’ve been having quite a few problems with Komodo IDE v8 ever since.


  • Komodo has become very slow. Things like swiping the mouse (I’m on OSX) to scroll in a document is slow
  • Komodo has started crashing, a lot! The Re-open button works pretty fast but that can’t be the idea, surely?

I really liked it before. I felt it was an IDE that was pretty much never in my face and it allowed me to focus on the job at hand. But recently with the symptoms mentioned above I find myself considering another IDE.

So, long question short: has anyone else experienced issues like this? Are there things I can check? I’m on a recent, fully spec’d MacBook Pro with 16gb of ram, so I don’t think it’s related to hardware.

Tips, suggestions are welcome.

I have not experienced this issue myself, or seen reports of it. You could try a clean profile to see if that fixes the issue.

Some questions about your project:

  • How many files are in your project dir?
  • Could you share your composer.json (at least the dependency part)